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Dec 15, 2011 5:00pm EST
at 9:00 and a number two tomorrow morning on c-span-3. next up, hearing looking and syria. over 5000 people have died in syria, including 300 children, as protests and violent clashes continued. the united nations human rights council says syria should be investigated by the international criminal court. >> the subcommittee will come to order. as has been well documented, the human rights being -- human rights violations being perpetrated in damascus are horrifying. we have documented some of the rest of calling him widespread human rights abuses witnessed in -- some of the of the most appalling and widespread human rights abuses witnessed in the past decade. abuse, murder, sexual violence, torture, and the abuse and murder of children. witnesses report the torture, abuse and rape of children no more than 15. one military defector stated that he decided to defect after witnessing the shooting of a 2- year-old girl by an officer who affirmed that he did not want her to grow into a demonstrator. the english language does not have words strong enough to adequately condemn the horrifying
Dec 14, 2011 8:00pm EST
. according to the u.n. high commissioner of human rights, the civilian death toll in syria now exceeds 5000 the number of children killed as more than 300. no responsible nation can sit by and allow this to testable display of depravity to continue. today's hearing however was called to examine u.s. policy. several months ago, the subcommittee of the privilege of hearing assistant secretary spelman and posner discuss the obama administration's human rights policies towards iran and syria. since that hearing, the administration has taken a number of steps on syria for which it deserves credit. although it took far too much time and at least 1900 dead syrian citizens, the administration has finally come out and called for a share all assad's departure from power on august 18. it also implemented sanctions against the government of syria and various high-ranking syrian regime authorities, many of which have been mirrored by our allies abroad. unfortunately i fear this is not enough. syria currently stands on the precipice of a full scale civil war. recent reports suggest that the ranks of the
Dec 14, 2011 11:00pm EST
. >> in a and a in a few moments a hearing on u.s. policy toward syria. for each of the commissioners, do you believe that employs, professional staff of the nrc have experienced intimidation, hostile or offensive conduct on behalf of the chairman, by the chairman, anything that would be considered to be intimidating, hostile or offensive by the chairman, any professional staff experience that? vs. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> ladies and gentlemen that is the definition of a. russ: . i hope that we can all agree that is why we voted in the statute. the united nations estimates more than 5000 people have been killed in protests against the government of syrian resident bashar al-assad. up next the house foreign affairs subcommittee hears about these administrations syrian policy from the state department's release coordinator. this is an hour and a half. [inaudible conversations] the subcommittee will come to order. i want to wish everyone good morning and i want to welcome all of my colleagues to this hearing on subcommittee on the middle east and south asia. and the chairman. as has been well-document
Dec 15, 2011 7:00am EST
forces in syria. the group said its findings are based on testimony given by more than 60 syrian army defectors. it said response building for the abuses goes right up to president assad himself. joining me from istanbul is the bbc's jonathan head. you and i have discussed it ourselves, several reports from inside syria. it using this is the definitive one, does this have something the others did not have? >> human-rights watch report is important because they did of the reports, but what they have done is they have names names. through these extensive interviews they have been doing with defectors, they looked at the incidents of violence and syria and they had clear testimony in this report of senior offices -- officers, brigadier-general scum who directly ordered their men to kill civilians and it is pretty harrowing. you have soldiers saying they were ordered sometimes to kill a minimum number of demonstrators, sometimes to shoot anybody that they saw. they say this is not just evidence of crimes against humanity, but they have named 74 senior commanders in syria who they say dire
Dec 15, 2011 3:00pm PST
. >> woodruff: margaret warner updates the rising death toll and allegations of human rights abuses in syria. >> brown: miles o'brien has the story of scientists growing tissue to repair or replace human organs. >> here they are using-- pig bladders to help grow human muscle, that's right, pig bladders, turns out they are a good source of a fundamental biological building block known as the extra cellular matrix. >> and ray suarez talks to david margoulic about two women whose lives were changed by a photographic from the civil war era. >> brown: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> intelligent computing technology is making its way into everything from cars to retail signs to hospitals; creating new enriching experiences. through intel's philosophy of investing for the future, we're helping to bring these new capabilities to market. we're investing billions of dollars in r&d around the globe to help create the technologies that we hope will be the heart of tomorrow's innovations. i believe that by investing today in technologi
Dec 14, 2011 11:00pm PST
in places like tunisia and egypt and libya, syria, this is not risking getting pepper spray order tear gassed only but risking livelihood and live and death. >> there's a difference of what happens in the west and the east and we'll get to that but everybody is taking risks and the folks there are risking their lives to have governments like we have here which the people here are protest whh is is one of the ironies of this t also one of the this that connects them both. >> charlie: when someone suggests oyou thought of this as the ultimate choice say like kurt said, did it overwhelm you where you cannot think of anything else. >> we start thinking about this halfway through the year and at the halfway point of the year we were talki abouthe arab spring and how revolutionary that was and how world historical that was buts it became contagious as this idea spread to europe and elsewhere in the middle east it seemed to me a much larger phenomenon of people fed up and frustrad b also people who want more democracy in the arab world they want democracy, here they want democracy to be more
Dec 15, 2011 4:00am PST
. activists say violence across syria left as least 25 people dead wednesday. meanwhile, an activist group says army defectors killed 25 soldiers in security clashes this morning. one of the deadliest attacks by rebel troops in the nine-month uprying. uprising. >>> jacques shirard was found guilty of the party he led. taking into account his age, health and status as a former head of state, the court sentenced him to a suspended two-year prison sentence. >>> a commercial satellite company says it captured a photo of china's first aircraft carrier taking an apparent test ride in the yellow sea. china bought the ship from you cain in 1998 and has spent years refurbishing it and arming it. >>> some startling new numbers from the center for disease control and prevention. based on a new survey of domestic violence, one in four women reported being violently attacked by a husband or boyfriend. a number researchers called astounding. while one in five women said they had been sexually assaulted. >>> and researchers have spotted a giant gas cloud spiraling into a massive, super massive black hole
Dec 15, 2011 2:30pm PST
submitted a draft resolution to the united nations security council, seeking to end the violence in syria. the contents have not been disclosed, but france's envoy has called the proposal "an extraordinary event." syrian opposition activists are reporting that army deserters have killed 27 members of the government security forces. this week, the united nations said some 5000 people have been killed in serious since the crackdown on protesters began earlier this year. it is an annual event for russia's prime minister, a phone-in show on national tv, but this is no ordinary year. putin has been the target of the biggest demonstrations in decades after the elections that the opposition says were rigged. putin immediately went on the offensive. while the knowledge the right to protest, he also knowledge russia would not stand by it four nations tried to influence its domestic affairs. >> vladimir putin was in top form. in a televised debate, the russian prime minister shrugged off accusations that his party cheated its way to victory. he said he was pleased that so many people turned out to
Dec 14, 2011 4:30pm PST
about turmoil in north africa. >> egypt, syria, yemen-- all three of which have some oil production, but they also have much greater ramification-- instability there has much greater ramification across their neighbors. >> reporter: given the tug of war in the marketplace, many experts think energy prices will remain volatile. this time of year also tends to be a low-volume market as traders close their books and head out on vacation. erika miller, "nightly business report," new york. >> tom: still ahead, avon's calling for a new c.e.o. the struggling door-to-door cosmetics retailer separates the roles of its chairman and c.e.o. from another round of stress tests to rules on banks trading with their own money, 2012 is shaping up to be another year of new rules and new pressures for banks. kelly king is the chairman and c.e.o. of bb&t. he joins us from winston-salem north carolina. happy holidays to you, sir nice to see you again. >> thank you tom happy holidays to you as well. >> tom: as you look at the new regulatory environment continuing to take shape in 2012, how about the busin
Dec 15, 2011 12:30am PST
, president ben ali was forced out of office. success in tunisia inspired uprisings in egypt, libya, syria, and yemen. these are the faces of some of the people who fought for freedom, for themselves and the generations that follow in their footsteps. now "time magazine" is honoring the protester as its percent of the year. in the u.s., the occupy wall street protests started small. as word spread around the globe, the protest group. the demands were simple -- make the financial sector accountable for its mistakes and squash corporate greed. there was no mistaking the power of the occupy movement as they brought city streets and ports to a standstill. >> it is about a movement and a group of people and a wave of change. the fact that a whole concept, an idea, a gathering of occupy that spread around the country is now being named the person or the thing of the year is significant. >> change is everything. those who want freedom want change. this year, the protesters took to the street to get their message across. >> it is predominantly young people who are saying we will not take in some c
Dec 14, 2011 4:00pm PST
something about it. >> yet, there are some exceptions. i think of syria, where you have majorities protesting against the minority. >> that is the shape it has taken. it did not start out this way. it is worth remembering that the syrian uprising was almost identical to the one we saw in egypt, tunisia. the regime has successfully fought back by characterizing this as a shia versus sunni thing, and i'm afraid that is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. but it is still a revolution in progress. there are still many steps. thank you very much for joining us. on the short list for person of the year coming in at no. 5 was kate middleton. if you did not get enough of her this year, do not worry. you will see plenty of her and the rest of the royal family in 2012. our royal correspondent has more on the and itinerary. >> the golden jubilee of 2002 brought up the crowd and took the queen and her husband to different parts of the united kingdom. the program for the diamond jubilee is said by buckingham palace to be even more extensive. the queen will concentrate on the united kingdom acr
Dec 15, 2011 6:00pm EST
the neighbors. there's uncertainty with syria. there's covetedness from iran. there is a nation that is like a border -- iraq is a border state. it's got to maintain relations with all its neighbors and it's got frictions in the north and east and west. >> but you don't agree with those who say that by pulling out now, america has unnecessarily emboldened iran? >> no, because there is a lot of other pressures on iran first, but secondly, this was discussed with the government of iraq, and they weren't prepared to have u.s. troops stay there and have the kind of legal immunity that's required for troops to take action in a foreign country. they understood what the consequences would be. they made that decision, and frankly, after all this time, if you listen to the expressions of popular support and they say they're happy that we're going, good. i think we should listen to people. we've done an awful lot in iraq, some of it didn't work out as well, but a lot of it was with the greatest intentions and there have been some tremendous accomplishments by our soldiers, our men and women in uniform
Dec 15, 2011 5:30pm EST
. there are stresses from the neighbors. there is uncertainty from syria. there is iran. iraq is a border state. they have to maintain relations with all its neighbors and it has for actions in the north and east and west. >> but you do not agree with those who say that by pulling out now america has unnecessarily emboldened iran? >> no, because there are a lot of pressures on iran first. and secondly, this was discussed with the government of iraq. they were not prepared to have u.s. troops stay there and have the legal community required for trips to take action in a foreign country. they understood what the consequences would be. they made that decision. frankly, after all this time, if you listen to the expressions of popular support, and they say they are happy we are going, good. i think we should listen to people. we have done an awful lot in iraq. some of the did not work out as well, but a lot of it was with the greatest of intentions and the rec and tremendous accomplishments by our soldiers, our men and women in uniform, from the bottom of the organization to the top. i think history
Dec 14, 2011 7:00pm PST
, the serious stuff ahead. still to come, growing cries from the international community. the unrest in syria threatens to spill out into an all-out civil war. and next, how police solved the case of shannon gilbert. she disappeared and how her disappearance led to the discovery of a possible serial killer. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] does your prescription medication give you the unexpected burden of constipation? certain prescription medications can cause occasional constipation, which is why people turn to senokot-s tablets. senokot-s is the leading brand that has the proven effectiveness of a natural vegetable laxative ingredient plus the comfort of a stool softener. senokot-s tablets. proven relief for occasional constipation. go to for special savings. nyqui tylenol: me, too. and cougnasal congestion.ers? go to nyquil:what? tissue box (whispering): he said nasal congestion... nyquil: i heard him. anncr vo: tylenol cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion... nyquil cold & flu doesn't. impact wool exports from new zealand, textile prod
Dec 14, 2011 10:00pm PST
the international community. the unrest in syria threatens to spill out into an all-out civil war. and next, how police solved the case of shannon gilbert. she disappeared and how her disappearance led to the discovery of a possible serial killer. we'll be right back. for a limited time, passages malibu will be giving away free copies of the alcoholism & addiction cure. to get yours, go to >>> crime and punishment. one year after long island police found the first what would become ten sets of human remains stretched along miles of the long island coast, the woman whose disappearance first prompted the search may have been found. her name is shannon gilbert. she worked as a sex worker. she advertised her services on craigslist. she vanished may 2010. despite months of searching, her case went cold. then a week ago police found some of her belongings, a purse, cell phone and jeans and sneakers. in the last 24 hours, what's believed to be her body was found a quarter mile away near where she was last seen alive and just miles from where the other bodies were found. now a medi
Dec 14, 2011 4:00pm PST
protests resurfaced this year and there is protests this year in egypt, syria, bahrain, libya were behind the decision. >> not only did protests come back in this globally contagious way, but we're two regimes down, and counting. >> here at home, they showed up in thousands and time magazine considered competition, deciding protester was truly person of the year. >> and chris sullivan was happy about it but others didn't want any attention. >> this is propaganda for the empire. >> social media and cell phone technology making main stream media irrelevant lent to these protester autos we speak through ourselves. that is why people of the year are the people. we have technology. >> protesters around the world but the protesters are not the same as those in the streets of the middle east. >> there are people recording this as lewd chris. >> abc 7's political analyst says arab string protesters represent a larger population with more at stake. >> there are people protesting or were in libya and egypt were putting their lives on the line. >> coming up why the arab spring protesters have had mo
Dec 15, 2011 1:00am PST
in syria's emerging from soldiers who desserted off being ordered to fire on unarmed protesters. 63 soldiers who fled the country have told human rights watch how they were ordered to kill, torture and loot. the government has continually denied it ordered a crackdown on anti-government protests. >>> in egypt, voters are returning to the polls in round two of parliamentary elections. so far, the islamic parties that took a lead after round one are still ahead. election process has months to go. it's scheduled to wrap up in march. >>> beljan -- belgian police have ruled out terrorism. authorities are puzzled about the reasons for carrying out this gun and grenade attack in downtown. those are the top stories from cnn, the world news leader. i'm zain vergee. "world business today" starts now. >>> hello and welcome to "world business today," it's thursday, december 15th and i'm nina dos santos at cnn london. >>> and in hong kong, these are the top stories. export angst, disappointing stock day and manufacturing malaise sound alarm bells here in asia. >>> cracks are appearing in the eu'
FOX News
Dec 15, 2011 12:00pm PST
, but on the other side, there is iran, and there are the other issues going on in syria, and we leave a very volatile middle east and i'm not sure that leaving iraq at this point in time is really the best move from a strategic standpoint it will play well but as far as strategy it could be a different story. >>jonathan: but the decision has been made and the u.s. flags that flew have been brought down and boxed up. it is on its way back. the two remains u.s. bases will be dismantled and the last the 4,000 remaining u.s. troops in iraq will be out of the country by new year's eve. >>shepard: home for the holidays. that is great news. jonathan will chat away at you know what to do, but some you have not done this. >>jonathan: millions of people and there are dozens of them chatting. where are the millions? >>shepard: what in the world are you doing? >>jonathan: what could be more fun than chatting to me. >>shepard: and you click on the sunglasses guy and he pops out of your computer and he will entertain you, play with the dog dance with the children. it wil
FOX News
Dec 15, 2011 3:00pm PST
the assad regime in syria is the equivalent of a dead man walking. canada today urged the citizens to leave immediately before arab league sanctions cut airline flights there in half. this is amateur video from dera province. the activists say the army defectors killed at least 27 soldiers there today. >>> russian prime minister vladimir putin is in a twitter war with senator john mccai mccain. the arizona senator tweeted putin about the party re-election losses and putin harshly returned to mccain's military service and implied he went crazy as a prisoner of war in vietnam. >>> different kind of war. the real one came to an official conclusion today in iraq. national security correspondent jennifer griffin was there for the answer. >> the iraq war ended with a simple ceremony at the baghdad airport. ♪ ♪ >> the iraqi president and prime minister had been invited but did not show up. the defense secretary officially ended the military mission. >> to be sure the cost was high. the blood and treasure of the united states and also for the iraqi people. but those lies have not been lost in v
Dec 14, 2011 9:00pm PST
. >> the producer tells me the talk was of dozens killed in syria and a massive protest in bahrain. there is very little to compare with the occupy protesters who aren't as organized and whose goals aren't nearly as clear. our political analyst says the protest letts continue until there is a significant turn around in the economy. time's 2011 person of the year could be a strong contender in 2012. in the newsroom, mark matthews, abc 7 news. >>> cross country shopping spree. coming up, a teacher and a pair legal steal thousands to fly on a private jet coast-to-coast. a private jet coast-to-coast. how police g [ monica ] i'm away on a movie shoot and it hasn't been going exactly as planned. cut. cut! [ monica ] i thought we'd be on location for 3 days -- it's been 3 weeks. so i had to pick up some more things. good thing i've got the citi simplicity card. i don't get hit with a fee if i'm late with a payment... which is good because on this job, no! bigger! [ monica ] i may not be home for a while. [ male announcer ] the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. >>> just
Dec 15, 2011 1:00am PST
plan is to go on to syria or go on to iran from afghanistan and from iraq. and and, of course, that was the plan of george bush and dick cheney, a plan that was put asunder that iraq turned badly in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. >> i think there are a lot of hard questions to ask about what we learned from the iraq war experience as a nation. the kind of things you were just mentioning there about the split between sieve civilian experience in the last ten years and what our military's experienced in the foremost, especially for those of us who are civilians, we have to think hard about that. one of the things i really don't understand, it's a wide open question to me, is how the experience of the iraq war changed republican politics. i feel like it's surprising to hear republican politicians all talking now as if it is 2005. as if nothing has happened that's any different than when the first few years of when the war started. do you understand how republicans may feel differently about war and peace and foreign policy than they did before the iraq war experience? >> the only way
Dec 14, 2011 5:00pm PST
from the uprisings in egypt, syria and other arab countries to the occupy wall street campers in the united states and other countries. one occupy protester at uc berkeley welcomes the recognition. >> 2011 will be known as the year of the uprising from you know cairo and new york and beyond. i say it is totally appropriate, and i say let's make 2012 the year we win. >> reporter: and the time editors say they realize that every situation is not the same. they say others fight for economic inequality. and time magazine says no matter the cause, the protesters forced the government and the ruling elite to pay attention to the situation. >>> and making the protester the person of the year, one wrote, nothing this year will have as much impact on our globe as the actions of all the individuals who have stood in protests, whatever their cause. this person offered another position, are you kidding me? time to cancel the subscription. time to stop giving them the attention. tell us what you think on facebook. >>> and the president says he doesn't allow his girls on facebook. the comm
Dec 15, 2011 9:00am PST
there with the police officer helping get this woman to safety. >>> there's so much violence going on in syria, that you really always have to be on the lookout. this video appears to be just another day, everybody going about their business. you see a shop keeper, people riding their bikes, a motorcycle. but then a twist, you see the street sweeper exit the screen. and into the shot comes a man who is holding a rocket-propelled grenade. he takes a shot straight at an armored vehicle. >> what? >> wow. >> it appears that the street sweeper looks back and gestures at someone standing off to the side. you can't really tell what's going on. and in comes what seems to be a different man holding this rpg and takes the shot. >> what's so chilling about this is you see all of these other people, the men on their mopeds, on their bicycles just going about their day. and this guy looks like he's doing the same thing and suddenly it seems like he's on the lookout for a guy with a grenade launcher. >> he's saying allah akbar. god is great, god is great. >> when i first saw the video, i thought the street sweeper is
Dec 14, 2011 10:00pm EST
in many parts of the year. including in russia and syria and across europe and across the united states. >> time also saying young protesters are reshaping global politics. long time leaders of egypt and libya ousted. following massive antigovernment protests. the occupy movement hitting the u.s. and other countries. syrians fighting for democracy and russians now taking to the streets. after alleged election fraud. >> forced not just ordinary people to pay attention to them, but forced governments and their ruling elites to reckon with them in a very serious way. >> since 1927, time has recognized a person or thing that it believes most influenced the culture and the news throughout the year. last year, facebook founder and ceo, mark zuckerberg got the honor. the magazine picked federal reserve chairman, ben bernanke in 2009, and president obama in 2008. runners up for this year's person of the year included republican congressman, paul ryan, and the duchess of cambridge, kate middleton. fox news. >>> so, we're going to have a warmup coming our way is this. >> a little warmup. >>
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 59 (some duplicates have been removed)